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The Radio Frequency Testing Laboratory is an independent laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) according to the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard. Our primary goal is to serve market needs. Our most important service areas are certification tests under the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) and the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). We provide our customers with the opportunity to carry out the conformity tests required to obtain the CE certificate, as well as for pre-measurements during development. In addition to standard measurements, with our many years of experience in radio frequency and measurement experience, we also help our customers with advice and development of individual measurements and test plans.

EMC testing • Rádiófrekvenciás Vizsgáló Laboratórium

What is the EMC test?

EMC testing is an important step in the certification and product development process, but what exactly does the term mean? EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility, which is essential for modern electronic devices. But why is it necessary and why is it important to check it?

The main reason is that electronic equipment marketed in the EU must comply with the EMC Directive. The purpose of the tests is to determine the extent to which a product causes electromagnetic interference and its ability to withstand such interference. Electromagnetic interference is everywhere around us – from household appliances to mobile phones – and a poorly designed or poorly protected device can easily interfere with the operation of other devices, or the device can be disturbed by interference from other devices.

EMC measurements test a number of different parameters, including electromagnetic radiation, conducted interference and the resistance of devices to such interference. The tests are necessary for certification so that the product can be placed on the market, as well as helping to identify potential problems and faults and allowing manufacturers to take appropriate action to improve the product to ensure that it complies with current standards and regulations.

What is the EMC test? • Rádiófrekvenciás Vizsgáló Laboratórium

What is RED measurement?

The RED measurement is a test that is essential before electronic devices with radio frequency communication can be placed on the market . But what exactly is RED and why is it important to test it?

Devices must comply with the RED Directive in the EU. The abbreviation RED stands for Radio Equipment Directive (RED), the radio equipment directive that sets out the radio equipment requirements for electronic devices in the European Union. The directive aims to ensure that devices do not interfere with other devices using radio frequency communications and comply with the standards and regulations in force.

Measurements are carried out to check various parameters such as maximum output power and unwanted out-of-band emissions. During the tests we identify potential problems and faults.

Based on the results of RED measurements, a report is issued to confirm compliance. If a device fails a test, manufacturers can take appropriate measures to ensure that their products comply with the applicable standards and regulations. This ensures that electronic devices meet the requirements set by the European Union and can be used safely on the European market.

What is RED measurement? • Rádiófrekvenciás Vizsgáló Laboratórium

The Radio Frequency Testing Laboratory of the Széchenyi István University

About us

The Radio Frequency Testing Laboratory of the Széchenyi István University was built in 2006 and received its accreditation in 2020. The aim of the laboratory is to provide high quality testing services to our customers in accordance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive and the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). We pay great attention to customer satisfaction and high quality work.

We are continuously expanding our accreditation and testing activities to support our customers in as many areas as possible. With almost 20 years of experience, we can help our partners and customers solve a wide range of measurement, electromagnetic and radio problems.

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